Last updated on March 2018

AURORA: Aiming to Understand the Molecular Aberrations in Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Brief description of study

This program initially aims to recruit 1300 breast cancer patients from a large number of hospitals across Europe. Eligible patients are those who are 18 or older, either female or male, and who have not received more than 1 type of treatment from the time metastases were discovered, metastasi(e)s has just been diagnosed or their disease has come back (disease relapse). Biopsy samples from both the primary and metastatic (or relapsed) tumor will be collected for central analyses, together with blood, serum and plasma samples. Any samples not analyzed immediately will be stored in an independent bio-repository to enable future (not yet defined) research aimed at better understanding metastatic breast cancer.

In summary, the main objectives of AURORA are to better understand the genetic aberrations in metastatic breast cancer and to discover the mechanisms of response or resistance to therapy, in order to ultimately identify the "right therapy for each individual patient". At the same time, patients with genetic aberrations that are being targeted by new drugs in development will be offered the possibility to participate in clinical trials, when approved and available in their countries. Ultimately, the aim of AURORA is to improve the outcomes of all patients diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02102165

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