Last updated on May 2019

Observation of Benefits for Patients Implanted With a Hearing Implant of the Company Cochlear

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to collect patient related benefit data following treatment for permanent hearing loss with a hearing implant from the company Cochlear over a period of 2 years post treatment.

Assessment of benefits is based on standard questionnaires of hearing ability and quality of life in general.

Detailed Study Description

The clinical investigation is designed as a prospective repeated measures longitudinal study with intra-subject controls, using a selection of subjective evaluation tools to assess patient related benefits from hearing implant treatment of permanent hearing loss.

Clinically standard self-assessment scales, threshold measures and a general hearing history profile questionnaires for the clinician and implant recipient are made available for selection through an interface to a central electronic platform.

The registry is aimed at collection of data for patients who have already made the decision together with their implant centre clinician for an implant device from the company Cochlear.

Patients are approached for registry participation following implant by the caring clinician on a consecutive and voluntary basis and on condition of signing the patient informed consent.

Monitoring of data entry is included through automated reminders via e-platform and through inherent audit trail.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02004353

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