Last updated on January 2019

Prospective Observational Analysis Of CR With Sunitinib Treatment In mRCC Patients

Brief description of study

This prospective study will investigate the characteristics of mRCC patients at time of CR in comparison with mRCC patients non on CR treated with Sunitinib, in order to provide some answers/ refection leads to the following questions :

Can we identify blood specificity at time of CR vs non on CR? Shall we distinguish CR with sunitinib alone from combined CR (sunitinib with local treatment), while in clinical report these 2 cohorts present similar time to recurrence (ALBIGES, ASCO 2010)? Can we identify potential predictive serum biomarkers of recurrence? (With the aim of isolating blood biomarker that can help on treatment discontinuation decision?)

Detailed Study Description

The main objective of the study is to describe the characteristics of mRCC patients on CR with Sunitinib (Cases) and compare them to the characteristics of mRCC patients non on CR (controls) in order to identify factors associated with the occurrence of complete remission.

The results obtained on the sample must be representative of the population targeted by the study. The most appropriate method to obtain a representative sample is probability sampling.

A sample size of N = 40 (cases) and N = 80 (Controls) will provide a power of 80% in the detection of a frequency difference between cases and controls corresponding to an OR of 0.24 for a parameter frequency 10% in control arm and an OR of 0.30 for a parameter frequency of around 30% in control arm. The significance level was set at bilateral 5%.

The data will be analyzed using SAS software (version 9.1 - SAS Institute, North Carolina, United States).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01934452

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