Last updated on January 2019

Use of Omega-3 Fat Emulsion (Omegaven) in Infants With Parenteral Nutrition Associated Liver Disease

Brief description of study

Babies in the newborn intensive care unit who are dependent upon intravenous nutrition for a long period of time frequently develop liver damage. The fat used is called intralipid and is made from soybean oil. There is a suggestion in the literature that using fishoil based fats called omega-3 fat emulsions can decrease or even reverse this liver damage. We will offer babies with evidence of liver damage and no ability to eat,the Omegaven and see if the liver damage reverses.

Detailed Study Description

Babies in the newborn intensive care unit with evidence of liver damage from TPN, as indicated by a direct bilirubin of greater than 2.5 , and who will not be fed for at least another month will be offered the trial. they will be changed from the intralipid to Omegaven as the source of their fat. We will continue routine monitoring of their nutrition and liver function.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00862446

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