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European Health Economic Trial on Home Monitoring in ICD and CRT-D Patients (EuroEco)

Brief description of study

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring (HM) service enables the doctors to safely follow up (FU) their ICD and CRT-D patients in a remote fashion, with fewer in-clinic consultations. This may result in a more efficient FU and cost-savings for the health care payer. The EuroEco study: 1. Outlines a new HM-based FU model for the ICD and CRT-D patients that combines in-clinic consultations and regular check ups of the patient/ICD/CRT-D data received through the HM service. 2. Compares the direct costs for physicians and clinics for the HM-based FU of ICD and CRT-D patients versus the traditional FU. 3. Compares the indicators of patients' safety between the two FU models.

Detailed Study Description

The EuroEco is a prospective, international, randomized study aimed at assessing the economic effects of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring (HM) technology as compared with traditional follow up (FU) of ICD and CRT-D patients from two perspectives: 1) the cost-effectiveness for the payer of health care, and 2) the economic impact on the physician, hospital and patient. The study outlines a new model for the FU of ICD-and CRT-D patients based on a combination of in-clinic consultations and regular check ups of the patient data received through the HM service. About 312 patients with an indication for ICD therapy and 104 patients with an indication for de novo CRT-D implantation should be enrolled. All patients will be implanted with BIOTRONIK ICD or CRT-D devices from the Lumax families and randomized (1:1) to the traditional, or to HM-based FU model. Traditional FU will be performed according to the local clinical practice. Patients in the HM study arm will first undergo local clinical FU routine until the first in-clinic visit after patient discharge. Thereafter routine in-clinic FUs are scheduled at 12 and 24 months. Three HM data checks should be carried out during each 12-month interval, to assess the patient/ICD/CRT-D status remotely. In both (HM and no HM) groups, additional in-hospital FU may be scheduled any time the patients reports symptoms which are presumed to be cardiovascular symptoms. In the HM group, additional in-clinic FU may also be scheduled as a result of specific HM findings. The following FU-related activities were accounted for: in-clinic consultations, patients contact, discussion with colleague physician, nurse or technician and arranging in clinic consultation. In HM patients, two additional HM-related FU activities were taken into account: 1) checking the website of BIOTRONIK HM Service Center, and 2) checking HM-related emails and faxes (provided by BIOTRONIK HM Service Center).. Several tools were made available to document the time that physicians, nurses and technicians spend with these FU activities without disrupting their clinical routine much: - designated case report forms - a web-based time measurements software. A user manual for time measurements was handed out to physicians, nurses and technicians to recommend which tool should be used in which clinical situation. The average time per patient followed according to the traditional FU model and the average time per patient followed by the HM-based FU model will be calculated for each of the three health care professionals considered (physicians, nurses and technicians). The difference in costs between the traditional and the HM-based FU will be assessed for statistical significance. This trial may provide data warranting a change in the guidelines for the use of ICD and CRT-D devices featuring HM function, in that HM may justify a prolongation of the time interval between statutory routine in-clinic FU visits. Coupled with the fact that the information provided by HM helps physicians to recognize some otherwise unsuspected needs for additional FU visits, this may ultimately result in better and more cost-effective health care for all parts involved (patients, providers and payers).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00776087

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