Last updated on April 2013

Autologous Versus Synthetic Versus Biological Sling for Trans-obturator Correction of Urinary Stress Incontinence

Brief description of study

The treatment of urinary stress incontinence with trans-obturator approach, know as transobturatory tape (TOT), is a largely used sling-adopting procedures. The efficacy and safety of this minimally invasive surgery have been demonstrated, also in comparison with similar procedures, i.e transvaginal tape (TVT). To date the results of TOT in terms of efficacy and safety described in literature mainly refer to procedure in which synthetic materials are used, whereas few data regarding the use of biological materials are available. Moreover, despite the well known benefits of the available synthetic and eterologue kit, their use may be limited by the high cost of these materials. At this proposal it can be suggested as alternative option the possibility to perform the procedure using an autologous tissue, i.e. rectus fascia, and reusable introductory needles. Based on these considerations the aim of this trial will be to compare autologous, synthetic and biological mesh for TOT in women with urinary stress incontinence.

Detailed Study Description

Women with genuine stress urinary incontinence will be enrolled and randomized in three groups (arm 1, arm 2, arm 3). All patients will be treated with a transobturatory approach, in patients of arm 1 will be used an autologous tissue and reusable introductory needles, in patients of arm 2 will be used a synthetic kit whereas in arm 3 will be a biological kit . All eligible patients will undergo baseline assessment consisting of anthropometric, clinical, hormonal, urodynamic, and ultrasonographic evaluations. During the study, the surgical outcomes, the clinical subjective and objective efficacy data, and the adverse experiences will be evaluated in each patient. Data will be analyzed using the intention-to-treat principle and a P value of 0.05 or less will be considered significant.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00744198

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