Last updated on August 2008

Tracking Technologies for the Analysis of Mobility in Alzheimer's Disease

Brief description of study

The research is aimed at exploring the application of novel tracking technique for the study of spatial activity among dementia patients and its implication on their families. The study sample will be composed of three groups of volunteers, each including100 participants aged over 60 years. The first group will include MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) patients. The second group will include patients that suffer from mild dementia. The third group will include age matched healthy participants. The tracking equipment will be a GPS apparatus of 450 gms that will be carried by the participants for 24 hours along 2-4 weeks. The GPS data will be transferred via the cellular network to operator center at the Hebrew university at Jerusalem, and will be documented in assigned data files. This monitoring procedure will be held every year and along a period of five years. The impact of the patient behavior on the care giver will be studied by means of five interviews along the tracking period.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00743418

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