Last updated on June 2008

Ambulatory Surgery of Lower Extremity Varicose Vein

Brief description of study

OBJECTIVE: To retrospectively analyze the results of ambulatory treatment on Taiwanese patients with primary varicosities of the lower extremities including the use of endovenous laser, phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy. METHODS: We routinely used tumescent anesthesia and ultrasound-guided approaches for the application of endovenous laser. Vein access was achieved by either a percutaneous or stab wound. The laser power was usually 10 - 20 watts; laser treatment usually was begun from 4-10 cm below the saphenofemoral junction, and stopped around the knee, not over 10 cm below the knee. In the same operation, we used Mueller's phlebectomy and/or sclerotherapy if there were prominent branch varicosities. We instructed each patient to walk around immediately after the operation, to go home, and to come back 1-3 days later for follow-up. Ultrasound scan and venous function follow-up was scheduled at 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, and then annually.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00702897

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