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Effects of Oncological Treatment During Pregnancy on Mother and Child

Brief description of study

The researchers aim to investigate the outcome (overall survival) of mothers who are diagnosed and/or treated for cancer during pregnancy. Furthermore they want to test the hypothesis that children who were exposed to cancer or cancer treatment (cytotoxic drugs, radiation therapy, targeted therapy,...) develop normally (neurologic and cardiologic examination).

Detailed Study Description

Study contains several study parts (protocol version 4.2):

**********Part I. Pregnancy, delivery and maternal health********** Part I.I.A. Registration study 'Cancer during pregnancy' mother and neonate None Part I.I.B. Effects of prenatal exposure to cancer treatment on fetal growth. The association between placental pathophysiologic mechanisms (histopathology and immunohistochemistry), circulating maternal factors and fetal growth.

From participating women, a maternal blood sample will be collected during or shortly after birth. Also, an umbilical cord blood sample and placental and umbilical cord biopsies will be drawn.

Part I.II. Measurement of maternal and paternal anxiety and emotional needs when confronted with a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy The participants will be asked to complete questionnaires. Part I.III. Biobank 'cancer and pregnancy' From participating women, a tumour biopsy specimen before administration of neoadjuvant therapy will be collected at the time of diagnosis. Also, maternal blood samples will be collected before and/or after treatment.

Part I.IV. Study on the pharmacokinetics of chemotherapeutic agents in pregnant women Approximately 10-12 additional peripheral venous blood withdrawals.

**********Part II. Child********** Long term follow up of children and adolescents in utero exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy Regular check-ups of the child, at the age of 18months, 3y, 6y, 9y, 12y, 15y, and 18y, and after the age of 18 years: 5-yearly cardiologic assessment and questionnaires (23y, 28y, 33y, 38y, and 43y). Optional at the ages of 9y, 12y, 15y and 18y: MRI session.

Summary part I:

Prospectively the outcome of mothers diagnosed and/or treated for cancer during pregnancy will be registered and investigated.

Summary Part II:

In a prospective trial we invite children that were exposed to cytotoxic drugs or radiotherapy in utero for a standardized neurological and cardiological examination. The examinations will be done by qualified psychologists, neurological and cardiological pediatricians.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00330447

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