Last updated on May 2008

Balance in Patients After Surgery for Torn Meniscus

Brief description of study

The important role of the menisci in knee function and in preserving knee health has been shown in several studies. Additionally to principal functions of load transmission and shock absorption, meniscus contributes to knee joint proprioception and probably also to joint stability.Study about affect of meniscus injury on balance posture has not previously been published.Surgical practice is increasingly aimed at minimal resection of injured tissue, preserving a stable meniscal remnant with as much function as possible.The purpose of this study is to determine whether menisci surgery have any effects on relatively new postural control measures, in correlation with functional balance assessment. The second purpose is to establish the affect of different types of menisci surgery on balance impairment (meniscectomy vs tear repair), in correlation with a long-term outcome.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00256971

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