Last updated on October 2005

Description and Prognostic Evaluation of Four Biological Parameters of Blast Cells in Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Brief description of study

Adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment approaches relie on risk stratification, including cytogenetics. We want to study at diagnosis several blast cells parameters on frozen samples of GRAALL protocols enrolled patients: 1. A CD45-DNA double staining analysed by flow cytometry will allow mesurement for each blastic clone of DNA ploidy, percentage of cells in S-phase, CD45 fluorescence index. 2. The proteine P16 metabolic way, involved in cell cycle regulation, will be studied by Western Blot analysis. The comparison between these parameters, and main haematological data, will be followed by a prognostic analysis, based on blast corticosensibility in vivo, chimiosensibility, complete remission, and survival. Combination of the studied parameters will allow to appreciate a clonal diversity. This will help to predict, at diagnosis, high probability of resistance to treatment.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT00188084

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