Last updated on April 2020

Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Capsule on Visual Function of Primary Open-angle Glaucoma With Blood Stasis Syndrome

Brief description of study

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) is an eye disease that causes optic nerve damage, visual field defect, and blindness caused by increased intraocular pressure. In recent years, many studies have shown that ginkgo biloba extract has a protective effect on the visual function of glaucoma patients. Studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba capsules can improve the visual field damage of glaucoma controlled by intraocular pressure;Ginkgo biloba capsule can promote the recovery of visual evoked potential of glaucoma controlled by intraocular pressure; the improvement of visual field has a certain correlation with visual electrophysiological recovery. The mechanism may be achieved by suppressing the influx of calcium ions and thereby inhibiting the apoptosis of cells. Therefore, in this clinical study, effect of Ginkgo biloba capsule on visual function of primary open-angle glaucoma with blood stasis syndrome was evaluated by placebo as control.

Detailed Study Description

In this clinical study, the visual field, including MD, MS, LV, and vision score, are the main efficacy indicators. HRT and visual electrophysiological examination are the secondary efficacy indicators. Safety indicators based on laboratory tests and total frequency and incidence of adverse events. To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Ginkgo biloba capsules for glaucoma patients with intraocular pressure control.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04334564

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