Last updated on March 2020

Effect of a Mixed Macronutritional Meal With Medium Chain Triglycerides on the Oxidation of Postprandial Macronutrients

Brief description of study

The main aim of this study is to determine the effect of the addition of medium chain triglycerides to a mixed macro nutritional meal on postprandial macronutrients oxidation (i.e. fat oxidation, carbohydrate oxidation, change in respiratory quotient, peak respiratory quotient, etc.).

Detailed Study Description

A mixed meal characterized by a high quantity of carbohydrates could develop an increment in the postprandial carbohydrate oxidation. Medium chain triglycerides could be absorbed and metabolized immediately. It is plausible that its addition to a mixed meal unchains the decrement in the carbohydrate oxidation and increment in fat oxidation. If this hypothesis it is correct, its lower postprandial carbohydrate oxidation could develop a higher postprandial exposure to hyperglycemia, being of clinical interest.

20 young adults will be randomized into two conditions (experimental and control conditions) with 7 days of separation between conditions. Each evaluation day will conform to the following tests:

  1. Basal metabolic rate assessment through indirect calorimetry.
  2. Intake of the corresponding mixed meal (experimental or control)
  3. Postprandial nutrient oxidation and energy expenditure through indirect calorimetry
  4. Blood samples assessment in 9 time points during the evaluation day.
  5. Post-prandial sensations related to appetite in 11 time points during the evaluation day

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04321018

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