Last updated on March 2020

Feasibility of Combined Focused Ultrasound and Radiotherapy Treatment in Patients With Painful Bone Metastasis

Brief description of study

The PRE-FURTHER study aims to evaluate the feasibility of the combined treatment with radiotherapy and focussed ultrasound for pain palliation in patients with painful bone metastases, and to optimize the combined treatment logistics. Six to ten patients will be included according to in- and exclusion criteria.

Detailed Study Description

Rationale: Metastatic bone pain strongly interferes with quality of life and daily functioning of patients with advanced cancer. Pain palliation may be improved by including magnetic resonance image guided high intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU) in addition to External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT). For this purpose, feasibility and optimal logistics of the combined treatment need to be evaluated.

Objective: The PRE-FURTHER project aims to evaluate the feasibility of the combined EBRT and MR-HIFU treatment for relief of metastatic bone pain, and to optimize the combined treatment logistics.

Study design: The PRE-FURTHER study is a prospective case series, stage I and IIA study according to the Innovation, Development, Evaluation, Assessment and Long term evaluation (IDEAL) recommendations. 6-10 patients will receive MR-HIFU treatment following standard EBRT.

Endpoints: The main outcome of this study is the feasibility of the procedure, in terms of planability as well as patient-tolerability of the combined treatment within a short time frame (3 hours - 4 days interval). In addition, pain relief and safety of the combined procedure will be monitored.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04310410

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