Last updated on November 2019

Bleeding in Hospitalized Patients With Liver Disease Undergoing Invasive Procedures

Brief description of study

Patients with cirrhosis are frequently hospitalized and often undergo procedures. Knowledge surrounding bleeding risk is sparse and practice patterns vary across centers in regards to bleeding prophylaxis. The goal of this study to is to obtain more knowledge regarding risk factors for procedural related bleeding in patients with cirrhosis and to develop a predictive model to risk stratify patients before undergoing procedures. Through collaboration from centers across the world this study should provide information on prevalence of bleeding and variation in practice patterns for prophylaxis.

Detailed Study Description

Hospitalized patients with cirrhosis who undergo 1 or more non-surgical procedure will be enrolled. The investigators will collect multiple clinical characteristics from the medical record and follow the patients prospectively over the hospitalization and/or until 28 days to determine if clinical events have occurred including bleeding, thrombosis, re-hospitalization and death. Characteristics of the hospitalization will be recorded including presence of acute decompensation and acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF). Procedure type will be recorded including coagulation laboratory data before and after each procedure. All bleeding events will be recorded and characteristics surrounding each bleed will be recorded. Bleeding will be defined according to International Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) definitions of major bleed and clinically relevant non-major bleed. REDCap ( will be used to collect and centralize data maintained at the University of Virginia. Characteristics of each hospitalization will be recorded accordingly and patients will be followed for 28 days for outcome and mortality information. Each participating center will obtain local Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to participate and enter data directly into REDCap. After center IRB approval is obtained, centers will consecutively enroll patients on a rolling basis for 4 weeks. Data will be collected from enrollment until death, transplant, discharge and/or 28 days on each individual enrolled.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04076605

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