Last updated on November 2019

Study of Autophagy and the Effects of GALIG Gene Products in HIV-1 Infected Patients Who Are Under Antiretroviral Therapy Since Primary-infection Chronic Phase or Never Treated.

Brief description of study

Little is known about autophagy during HIV infection. Recently, two different teams reported important dysfunctions of autophagy in HIV-infected patients despite sustained suppressive antiretroviral therapy. As altered autophagy is strongly linked to cellular senescence and chronic inflammation, two hallmarks of HIV-infected patients despite long-term suppressive antiretroviral therapy, it is important to improve our knowledge in the area.

Our main objective is to determine whether all or part of mononuclear cell subpopulations (CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes, and monocytes) exhibit a defect in autophagy function in a cohort of HIV-infected patients who are virologically-controlled (plasma HIV RNA <50 copies / ml) either spontaneously (i.e. HIV controllers or post-treatment controllers) or after they started antiretroviral therapy at different time points (i.e. at the acute or chronic phases), as compared with a control group (i.e. uninfected healthy blood donors).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04160455

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