Last updated on January 2020

Research Study to Look at How Well the Drug Concizumab Works in Your Body if You Have Haemophilia With Inhibitors

Brief description of study

This study will test how well a new medicine called concizumab works in the body of people with haemophilia A or B with inhibitors. The purpose is to show that concizumab can prevent bleeds in the body and is safe to use. Participants who usually only take medicine to treat bleeds (on-demand) will be placed in one of two groups. In one group participants will get study medicine from the start of the study. In the other group participants will continue with their normal medicine and get study medicine after 6 months. The group will be decided by chance. Participants who usually take medicine to prevent bleeds (prophylaxis treatment) or who are already being treated with concizumab (study medicine) will receive the study medicine from the start of the study. Participants will have to inject themselves with study medicine every day under the skin. This can be done at home. The participant's doctor will hand out the medicine in the form of a pen-injector. The pen-injector will contain the study medicine. The study will last for about three years. Participants will have to come to the clinic for up to 29 times. The time between visits will be approximately 4 weeks for the first 6 months and approximately 8 weeks for the rest of the study. At all visits, blood samples will be taken. Participants will be asked to record information into an electronic diary during the study and may also be asked to wear an activity tracker.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04083781

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