Last updated on August 2019

Immediate Weight-bearing Verses Non-Weight-bearing After Foot & Ankle Surgery

Brief description of study

The primary objective of this study is to determine whether immediate weight-bearing following foot and ankle surgery provides similar or superior results to the traditional non-weight-bearing post-operative course, while reducing the disuse atrophy and length of rehabilitation necessary to recover during the transition to weight-bearing following an extended course of non-weight-bearing. This will be done by way of clinical follow-up, serial radiographs and/or other appropriate imaging modalities, and patient reported outcomes by way of AOFAS and SF-36 surveys.

Detailed Study Description

The study is a randomized 1:1, controlled trial, prospective in nature, where participants undergoing foot and ankle surgery will be randomly placed into one of two groups; an immediate weight-bearing group or a non-weight-bearing group. The patients will be randomly placed into the study group and control group if they meet all eligibility criteria.

This study will be conducted at 5 investigative clinic sites; West Penn Hospital, Forbes Regional Hospital, Jefferson Regional Hospital, Bethel Park Surgery Center, and Monroeville Surgery. Recruitment will stop when a minimum of 230 subjects are consented.

The study duration will require 7 visits to the clinic plus a surgery day therefore will require a pre-surgical visit/screening, surgery procedural day and six outpatient post-operative visits to the clinics. The entire follow up period will occur over 2 years.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03996707

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