Last updated on August 2019

ASTX727 in Recurrent/Progressive Non-enhancing IDH Mutant Gliomas

Brief description of study

this research study is evaluating the highest dose of ASTX727 that can be administered safely to recurrent/progressive non-enhancing IDH mutant gliomas patients.

Detailed Study Description

This research study is a Phase I clinical trial, which tests the safety of an investigational drug and also tries to define the appropriate dose of the investigational drug to use for further studies. "Investigational" means that the drug is being studied.

The FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has not approved ASTX727 as a treatment for any disease.

ASTX727 is made up of the 2 study drugs cedazuridine and decitabine. Cedazuridine is believed to work by slowing down how fast decitabine is broken down by the body. Decitabine is believed to work by blocking abnormal cells or cancer cells from growing.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03922555

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