Last updated on July 2019

The Effects of Maxipost (BMS 204352) on Cerebral Hemodynamic and Headache in Healthy Volunteers and Migraine Patients

Brief description of study

It is not previously investigated whether, there is a correlation between potassium channels and migraine, so it is unclear whether, this signaling pathway through potassium channels has an impact on migraine pathophysiology.

Maxipost (BMS 204352) is a vasoactive molecule that causes vasodilation via the big calcium dependent potassium (BKCa) channel signaling pathway. Maxipost decreases the blood pressure and maxipost infusion causes headache in healthy volunteers. A possible coherence between maxipost and headache/migraine in healthy volunteers and migraine patients is yet to be investigated.

The present study aims to clarify a possible coherence between maxipost and headache/migraine and it will help to shed light on the importance of potassium channels in migraine. In general, the study will contribute to a greater understanding of migraine pathogenesis and possibly lead to development of specific migraine treatment.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03887325

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