Last updated on July 2019

Treatment Decision-making in Patients With Recurrent High-grade Glioma

Brief description of study

This qualitative study explores the lived experience of high-grade glioma patients and their close relatives at time of recurrence. With focus on the decision-making about treatment and care..

Detailed Study Description

High-Grade Glioma is a life-threatening disease that can cause the patient substantial physical, mentally and psychosocially impairment. The life expectancy is short, and a majority of patients experience recurrence of tumour growth. At time of recurrence, the treatment possibilities can include surgery, oncological treatment and/or palliative care.

In this situation the patients and their close relatives need to make a difficult balancing between benefits and trade offs.

Little is known about how the patients and their close relatives experience the recurrence and the decision-making process.

The objective of this study is therefore to explore the perspectives, experiences and needs in patients and their close relatives in relation to the decision-making process at time of recurrence.

Data will be generated through semi-structured interviews. Interviews will be analysed and interpreted using a Ricoeur inspired method of qualitative analysis.

The study is part of a larger PhD-study.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04013828

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