Last updated on July 2019

Effects of Protein Quality on Post-exercise Skeletal Muscle and Whole-body Protein Kinetics During Energy Deficit

Brief description of study

The optimal EAA-containing protein format necessary to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and optimize whole-body net protein balance during caloric deprivation has not been determined. This study will address that gap in knowledge by examining post, whole-body exercise muscle and whole-body protein kinetic responses to ingesting varying EAA-containing protein formats after a 5 day period of negative energy balance. This study will provide the initial evidence to support the development of a recovery-based food product for military combat rations.

Detailed Study Description

Ten resistance-trained adults will complete this ~55-d randomized, cross-over study. Participants will participate in three, non-consecutive 5-d controlled energy deficit periods, each separated by a 14-d washout period (i.e., sufficient time to restore nitrogen and metabolic homeostasis after moderate weight loss). Post-exercise (whole-body exercise model) muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and whole-body protein turnover responses to varying EAA-containing protein formats will be determined the morning after completing the 5-d energy deficit.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04004715

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