Last updated on July 2019

Exercise in Patients With Post-Concussion Symptoms

Brief description of study

Physical activity and exercise have traditionally not been much of a focus in treatment of postconcussion symptoms and posttraumatic headache. On the contrary, patients have often got advice to rest until they were free from symptoms. This approach, however, is challenged, and complete rest should probably be discouraged after the first 24-72 hours. Moderate aerobic exercise has been found promising in the early phase after sports-related concussion, and in the treatment of patients with headache. This study is an open pilot-study of guided, home-based exercise in a clinical sample with postconcussion symptoms and posttraumatic headache after mixed-mechanism mild traumatic brain injury and minimal head injuries. The study will result in data about the feasibility and possible effects of exercise as treatment for prolonged postconcussion symptoms and posttraumatic headache.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT04001192

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