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The Effect of 18-month Regimen Containing 6 Anti-tuberculosis Drugs for Patients With MDR-TB

Brief description of study

WHO has recommended that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB, defined as resistance to at least isoniazid (H) and rifampicin (R) be addressed as a public health crisis and enhance capacity to deliver effective treatment and care. According to the 2018 WHO TB Report, the overall treatment success rate of MDR-TB is 55% while much lower in China at just only 41% with the 24-month regimen. In order to further verify the safety and efficiency of optimizing shorter 18-month regimen containing 6 anti-TB drugs with MDR-TB patients,500 more patients will be enrolled and observed.

Detailed Study Description

  1. Design: the study is a multi-center,open, single arm trial.
  2. Population:patients with sputum culture positive and confirmed as MDR-TB via drug resistance of isoniazid(H),rifampicin(R),ethambutol(E)and pyrazinamide or patients with GeneXpert confirmed RR-TB.
  3. Investigational regimen:3Am-Mfx-PZA-X-Y-Z/3Am3-Mfx-PZA-X-Y-Z/12 Mfx-PZA-X-Y-Z.XYZ are the drugs susceptible or possibly susceptible to mycobacterial bacilli(The candidated drugs to be selected are:Cs-Cycloserine,Pto-Protionamide,Clr-Clarithromycin,PAS-sodium para-aminosalicylate,E-ethambutol,Bdq-Bedaquiline,Cfz-Clofazimine,Lzd-linezolid).The abbreviation of the name of the 3 drugs in the regimen is explained as follows: PZApyrazinamideAmAmikacinMfxmoxifloxacinand the total duration of the regimen is 18 months.
  4. Primary and secondary outcome measures:

The primary outcome measures include 1.the treatment success rate.2. Death rate.

The secondary outcome measures include 1.sputum conversion rate at the end of month 2, month 3,intensive phase of 6 months and treatment completion of all enrolled patients.2.Frequency of adverse drug reaction occurring during treatment.3.Radiological manifestation change of TB lesion or cavity during treatment.

5. Sample size: 500 eligible patients will be enrolled.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03830671

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