Last updated on April 2019

Dissociation Investigation Study in Sex Offenders

Brief description of study

Background: Adverse childhood experience have been described in sexual offenders but the link with the offence need to be further investigated. Investigators postulate that one of the clinical moderating factors could be dissociative experience, a consequence of these early adverse experiences reactivated during the offence. The purpose of the study is to estimate the prevalence of clinical dissociation during the offence in a male adult population referred to our center for a sexual offence and to explore its correlations with epidemiological and clinical data (personal, legal history, psychiatric comorbidities), clinical trauma and dissociation, prognosis estimates.

Detailed Study Description

The study will be proposed to the subjects after their usual clinical evaluation in the center for sexual offence and to extend this evaluation by a specific focus on childhood abuse and neglect trauma and dissociative history. After receiving complete information, the participants will sign the consent form and be referred to a unique on-site visit of approximately 2 hours long. During this visit, the participants will benefit from a psychiatric examination in search for clinical features of dissociation during the offence, lifetime dissociative experience, lifetime post-traumatic stress disorder; they will have to complete bioevaluation forms for dissociation (Dissociative Experience Scale) and childhood abuse and neglect (Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse). After this completion, they will benefit from a second part psychiatric examination, so as to complete the assessment and answer their questions if any.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02949479

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