Last updated on April 2019

A Research Study of How Different Amounts of a New Medicine NNC0148-0287 C (Insulin 287) Works on the Blood Sugar of People Who Are Japanese With Type 1 Diabetes When Given Once a Week

Brief description of study

This study will look at how insulin 287 works, if it is safe and the side effects in people who are Japanese with type 1 diabetes. The study will test how insulin goes through your blood, how long it stays there and how the blood sugar is lowered. Insulin 287 is a new medicine. Insulin glargine is already approved to treat diabetes. The study doctors can prescribe insulin glargine. The participants will get both of the insulins in a random order. The participants will get 8 weekly doses of insulin 287 and 14 daily doses of insulin glargine. There will also be a run-in period of 2 days to 7 weeks when the participants inject insulin glargine every day before they start insulin 287 period or insulin glargine period. All doses will be injected under the skin. During the run-in period, the participants adjust the insulin glargine dose and make their blood sugar levels stable. From the run-in period, the participants will take insulin aspart as bolus insulin. The study will last for about 16 - 28 weeks. The participants will have 24 visits with the study doctor. There will be 3 glucose clamps where the participants' blood sugar is tested over time. The participants cannot be in the study if the study doctor thinks that there are risks for their health.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03766854

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