Last updated on June 2019

Clinical Decision Support for Patient Migraine Management

Brief description of study

Little is known about who adheres to migraine management strategies, and circumstances that enhance adherence. This knowledge is required to develop patient-level interventions to improve adherence to migraine management strategies. The proposed project will pilot the first patient level intervention designed to improve adherence to preventive and acute migraine management strategies. The study will identify people most at risk for non-adherence to migraine management strategies. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive a tailored clinical decision support tool or education intervention.

Detailed Study Description

Participants with a diagnosis with migraine who currently meet criteria for episodic migraine (migraine with headaches that occur on fewer than 15 days per month) will be recruited from local providers. After an initial screening, eligible participants will complete 30 days of monitoring 3 times daily on an electronic headache diary (a smartphone app) to confirm study eligibility. Participants whose eligibility is confirmed will complete an additional 2 months (60 days) of monitoring headache activity and adherence to acute and preventive (medication and behavioral) strategies recommended for people with migraine. Participants who show suboptimal adherence during the first 3 months of monitoring (<50% of eligible days) will be eligible to continue to the intervention component of the study. Participants who choose to continue in the study will be randomized to receive a tailored clinical decision support tool or education intervention, both delivered through the smartphone app. Participants will continue to self-monitor, with the intervention components active, for 3 months.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03706794

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