Last updated on March 2019

Nitrite Cream For Leg Ulcers

Brief description of study

Chronic leg ulcers are a serious complication of Sickle Cell Disease, in which red blood cells break down earlier than normal and can stick to vessel walls, causing a blockage that slows or stops the flow of blood. Current therapies are not very effective and often leg ulcers take months to years to heal.

We are doing this study to find out if a research cream made with sodium nitrite, a substance that is known to increase blood flow by widening the surrounding blood vessels, is effective in reducing the time that it takes for the ulcer to heal and also if it has any bad side effects. We also want to see if it helps with the pain that often accompanies sickle cell ulcers. We are comparing the effects of research nitrite cream to a placebo. A placebo is an inactive substance. It looks like the research cream, but contains no medication. Researchers use placebos to find out if the study treatment is better than receiving no other treatment at all.


Clinical Study Identifier: TX216160

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