Last updated on November 2018

NeoAMR Observational Study in Neonatal Sepsis

Brief description of study

Prospective, multinational, multicentre, observational cohort study of neonatal sepsis in partner institutions. The cohort study will be designed to evaluate health care utilization and current clinical practice and to assess risk factors for and outcomes of babies with neonatal sepsis (culture-negative and culture-positive).

Detailed Study Description

  1. NeoSEPSIS: Consecutive hospitalized babies with neonatal sepsis will be recruited and followed up until discharge from hospital or death (for a maximum of 28 days). A minimal neonatal sepsis dataset will determine (i) clinical presentations, associated features and risk factors (for example prematurity, SGA (small for gestational age)), (ii) rates of culture-positivity among babies with sepsis, (iii) current empirical treatment approaches (antimicrobials selected, dose, etc) (iv) outcomes of sepsis, including death, need for intensive care interventions and recurrence of sepsis during the follow-up period. Microbiological samples will be taken from sterile sites, blood and CSF, as clinically indicated and will be processed locally.
  2. NeoBSI: Consecutive babies with positive blood/CSF cultures and sepsis will be recruited. Patient inclusion will be based on identification of relevant specified bacteria from blood / CSF cultures. In addition to the data collected for NeoSEPSIS, information will be collected on the isolates and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03721302

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