Last updated on February 2019

PET Study With [89Zr]-Df-CriPec Docetaxel

Brief description of study

In order to improve tumour targeting drug molecules can be transformed into biodegradable nanoparticle compounds thereby creating nanomedicines designed to improve the therapeutic profile of drugs. Based on this technology, the nanoparticle CriPec docetaxel (developed by Cristal Therapeutics) contains docetaxel conjugated to a linker agent. This docetaxel-linker conjugate is thereafter temporarily covalently entrapped in a stabilised, ~65 nm sized CriPec nanoparticle. By the nature of its distribution and pharmacokinetic (PK) profile after administration, CriPec docetaxel is designed to have an improved efficacy/safety balance compared to conventionally administered docetaxel (docetaxel) commonly used as treatment in solid tumours.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03712423

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