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124I-p5+14 Injection Safety in Subjects With Systemic Amyloidosis

Brief description of study

This is a single-center, exploratory, Phase 1 Positron Emission Tomography/x-ray Computed Tomography (PET/CT) imaging study to detect amyloidosis that will enroll patients with a confirmed diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis. The purpose of this exploratory trial is to assess the safety and efficacy of 124I-p5+14 Injection at a single-injection dose adequate for imaging amyloid deposits by using PET/CT imaging in subjects with confirmed systemic Immunoglobulin Light Chain-associated Amyloidosis (AL), Transthyretin-associated Amyloidosis (ATTR), Leukocyte Chemotactic Factor 2-associated Amyloidosis (ALect2) as well as other types.

Detailed Study Description

The rationale for this study is the discovery of a synthetic polypeptide, designated p5+14, a synthetic 45 amino acid peptide that binds many forms of amyloid, including human AL-, ATTRand ALect2-associated amyloid, as well as human and murine serum amyloid protein A-associated (AA) amyloid. In preclinical studies, using SPECT and PET imaging, as well as microautoradiography, it has been shown that radioiodinated p5+14 binds rapidly and specifically to all amyloid deposits in abdominothoracic organs and tissues.

This is a single site, exploratory, open-label Phase I PET/CT imaging and dosimetry study. The investigational drug product (designated 124I-p5+14 Injection) is an amyloid-reactive synthetic peptide, p5+14 (also known as APi1832), radiolabeled with iodine-124 (I-124 or 124I). All patients enrolled in this exploratory trial will be outpatients with a confirmed diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis.

The first three patients enrolled in the trial (Part 1) will take part in a dose-escalation dosimetry study and will receive a single intravenous (IV) dose of 11.1 Megabecquerel (MBq) (0.3 millicuries (mCi); n = 1), 37 MBq (1 mCi; n = 1) or 74 MBq (2 mCi; n = 1) of 124I-p5+14 Injection for the purpose of determining estimates of organ-associated and whole body radioactive dosimetry. Thereafter, the trial will be opened to include another 40 patients who will be administered a single IV bolus injection of 124I-p5+14 Injection at a dose, to be determined in Part 1 of the study, based on the dosimetry data. Likely, 2 mCi will be used. Every patient participating will receive < 2 mg of peptide p5+14

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03678259

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