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China Cognition and Aging Study

Brief description of study

The Cognition and Aging Study (COAST) was designed to establish a prospective cohort to clarify the clinical and genetic characteristics, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment of MCI, AD, and VCI in China to establish a national database, to develop a strategy for prevention of dementia. The overarching goals of the COAST are as follow:

  1. To construct a prospective cohort, then to establish database that provide not only comprehensive epidemiological data on the AD and dementia of Chinese elders, but also biological samples and laboratory and image data.
  2. To determine the conversion rates from MCI to dementia or AD and risk factors for the progression from MCI to dementia or AD.
  3. To identify and validate imaging and blood/CSF biomarkers for the early detection and tracking of AD.
  4. To uncover novel risk genes for complex AD and identify the genes related pathogenesis of the disease.

Detailed Study Description

This study involved participants including amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), sporadic Alzheimer's disease (SAD), familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD), Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI), and APOE gene cohort (cognitive normal subjects). Research contents are as

  1. Neuropsychological characteristics of Chinese aMCI, SAD, VCI: analyze the cognitive function, daily living ability and mental behavior symptoms using MMSE, MoCA, etc. during the baseline and follow-up period.
  2. Neuroimaging of Chinese aMCI, SAD, and VCI: explore the neuroimaging characteristics and disease evolution characteristics through the apocalyptic atrophy, cortical thickness of structure MRI, and standardized uptake values of functional imaging FDG-PET.
  3. Prevention of Chinese aMCI, SAD, and VCI: find the risk factors and environmental factors which were possible related to development of these disease, and propose a preventional strategy for dementia in China.
  4. Pathogenesis of Chinese aMCI, SAD, and VCI: test the investigator's findings (risk factors, genetic factors, environmental factors) in this cohort on animal models.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03653156

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