Last updated on August 2018

Laparoscopic Gas Pressure and Postoperative Pain Score

Brief description of study

Aim of the study is to determine the effect of different laparoscopic intraoperative intraabdominal gas (CO2) pressures on the extent of postoperative pain scores.

Detailed Study Description

In this study investigator planned to randomize patients into three groups ; in the first group abdominal entrance pressure will be 15 mmhg and intraoperative pressure will be 15 mmhg too ; in the second group again entrance pressure will be 15 mmhg , intraoperative pressure will be 12 mmhg ; and in the thirth group both entrance and intraoperative pressures will be 12 mmhg. During operation intraoperative mean pressures will be recorded every 15 minutes , also end tidal CO2 pressures will also assesed by the anesthesiologist. Every participant will take , same standard analgesics ; 2 mg/kg contramal and 1 gr i.v. paracetamol at the end of the operation ; except the ones who has allergy to these analgesics. At postoperative 6 th and 24 th hours patients will be asked to execute the visual analogue score (VAS) form to assess the pain . Only patients with benign gynecologic pathologies will be included in to the study and informed consent forms will be taken from all participants.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03623399

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