Last updated on August 2019

Prospective Genetic Study in Patients With Ovarian Insufficiency

Brief description of study

genetic screening and etiological analysis was conducted on patients with ovarian insufficiency and decline in ovarian reserve. All patients were enrolled in the IVF-treated and non-IVF-treated groups, followed up for long-term treatment outcomes and genomic screening.

Detailed Study Description

The cause of ovarian insufficiency and decline in ovarian reserve are not clear, but most researchers think the probable causes are mainly three aspects: chromosomal abnormalities, genetic factors and autoimmune diseasesBut the majority of patients with normal chromosome karyotype analysis. The screening of pathogenic genes in patients with normal karyotype is the focus of current premature ovarian insufficiency(POI) and decline in ovarian reserve(DOR) etiology, to further explain the pathogenesis of patients, improve the diagnosis of those diseases and Clinical treatment.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03474120

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