Last updated on February 2019

Evaluation of Bioavailability and Metabolism of Diet Phenolic Compounds

Brief description of study

This study aims at studying in depth the absorption and metabolism of phenolic compounds of olive oil, wine and beer. This study is divided into 2 sub-studies in order to evaluate each one of the objectives.

Detailed Study Description

The study is divided in two sub-studies to explore each objective.

One the one hand, a group of people will drink olive oil, or wine, or both. This is done to see if combining these two drinks will improve the absorption and bioavailibility of phenolic compounds that they contain, promoting by synergy their antioxidant activity at a postprandial level. The main compounds studied are the Resveratrol (RSVT), the Hydroxytyrosol (HT), tyrosol (TIR) and their metabolits.

One the other hand, an group of people will drink 3 different beers ( with 3 different degrees of alcohol), or wine, in order to study the absorption of TIR in relation to the alcohol degree. It also aims at assessing if the gas contained in beer contributes to TIR absorption.

At different times after the administration of drinks, urine and blood samples will be collected.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03614520

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