Last updated on July 2018

CHOCOlate MeLatonin for AdolescenT MigrainE

Brief description of study

Existing treatments for acute migraine are not effective for all children and adolescents, and can cause side effects. We propose a dose-finding study of melatonin for acute migraine treatment in children and adolescents to determine the best dose to bring forward in a future fully-powered efficacy trial.

Detailed Study Description

This pilot randomized trial is a dose-finding study to determine which dose of melatonin is most effective for treating acute migraine in children and adolescents who have episodic migraine. We will identify the most effective dose to pull forward into a future fully-powered placebo-controlled efficacy study. If both doses are equally effective, we will bring forward the best tolerated dose. If doses are equally well tolerated, we will bring forward the lowest effective dose, as this will minimize cost to families should this treatment become widely adopted.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03597529

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