Last updated on April 2020

PEP-CMV in Recurrent MEdulloblastoma/Malignant Glioma

Brief description of study

The primary goal of this prospective clinical trial is to evaluate the safety of PEP-CMV in patients with recurrent medulloblastoma and malignant glioma. Patients with histologically-proven medulloblastoma or malignant glioma who had received prior therapy for their initial diagnosis and subsequently had tumor recurrence/progression may be enrolled any time after recurrence/progression regardless of prior adjuvant therapy. PEP-CMV is a vaccine comprised of Component A, a synthetic long peptide (SLP) of 26 amino acid residues from human pp65.

Detailed Study Description

Once a patient has enrolled onto this study, prior therapy will be terminated and patients will receive temozolomide 200 mg/m2/day x 5 days. If they are receiving bevacizumab at the time of enrollment, they will continue bevacizumab 10 mg/Kg every 14 days.

Patients who are 18 years of age will receive a tetanus (Td) booster at the time of enrollment. Immunotherapy begins with a Tetanus (Td) pre-conditioning vaccine delivered intradermally (i.d.) in the right groin at the site of the vaccine injection 6-24 hours prior to the first vaccine on day 21. The PEP-CMV vaccine will be administered as follows: PEP-CMV Component A mixed with Montanide ISA-51 (1:1 volume ratio) intradermally administered half in the RIGHT groin and half in the LEFT groin.

The first 3 PEP-CMV vaccines will occur every 2 weeks, then PEP-CMV vaccines will continue monthly (+/- 2 weeks) for no more than 10 years. Blood will be obtained for immune system monitoring.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03299309

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