Last updated on January 2019

Examining Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Pain Sensation

Brief description of study

By doing this study, researchers hope to learn effects of aerobic exercise on over activated nervous system in people with chronic low back pain.

Detailed Study Description

Chronic low back pain is a common condition in the world. About 85% of people with low back pain do not know the cause of their pain. This leads to ineffective treatments.

Recently, the idea of an over activated nervous system is thought to be one of the main reasons for chronic pain. Over activated nervous system means pain processing areas in the spine or brain might be more sensitive. Aerobic exercise, such as walking and cycling, is often used to decrease chronic pain. Aerobic exercise is a form of physical exercise that strengthen the heart and lungs in order to improve the body's utilization of oxygen.

The researchers want to examine if aerobic exercise is effective in decreasing over activation of the nervous system. Gaining a better understanding of effects of aerobic exercise on the nervous system may lead to more effective treatments for low back pain.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03546153

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