Last updated on May 2019

Therapeutic Hypothermia in "Expanded Criteria" Brain-dead Donors and Kidney-graft Function

Brief description of study

Each year, only one third of patients registered on the waiting list receive a kidney transplant. Numerous paths are being explored with the aim of reversing this shortage. The first is to increase the number of organs by developing harvesting from donors in a state of brain-death (BD) termed "expanded criteria donors" or from patients deceased from circulatory arrest.

Another fundamental factor is to insure the success of the transplant by limiting the dysfunction of donor kidneys, marked by a delayed graft function (DFG).

The development of techniques to insure correct perfusion of harvested organs, and the optimization of reanimation and intensive care of brain-dead donors constitute important factors in DGF reduction.

Therapeutic Hypothermia could to be an attractive care strategy for BD patients.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03098706

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