Last updated on May 2018

Patient Receptiveness to Using Virtual Reality

Brief description of study

This study will evaluate the acceptability, use, and general effect that exposure to virtual reality has on hospitalized patients reporting at least one discomfort including recent or current moderate-severe pain.

Detailed Study Description

Patients with moderate-severe pain will be approached with approval of nursing staff and front line nurse manager who determine their appropriateness for a trial of virtual reality (VR) exposure for up to 30 minutes. The trial and use of VR will be explained after meeting the inclusion criteria and they will be asked about their level of interest in trying the VR headset. If interested, the subject will indicate their verbal consent to proceed with the VR trial. They will be asked about any baseline discomforts of pain, anxiety/stress or other discomfort; which will be rated on a 0-10 numeric (visual analog) scale. A baseline heart rate will be recorded in beats per minute. The headset will be applied and adjusted for comfort, then the app will be started along with a timer to track the duration of their use up to a maximum of 30 minutes. When the Headset is removed, the duration of use will be noted. The change in post-exposure heart rate (in beats per minute) and discomforts of pain, anxiety/stress or other discomforts (subtracting baseline from 5 minute post-exposure data) will be recorded. Subjects will be asked about the ease of use, whether or not they would use VR again, and for any other comments they would like to express. The headset will be disinfected between patient use.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03528668

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