Last updated on May 2018

Establishing of an Early Warming System of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Brief description of study

Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is a clinical syndrome defined by loss of ovarian activity before the age of 40 years. The POI guideline development group of ESHRE recommends the following diagnostic criteria: oligo/ amenorrhea for at least 4 months and an elevated follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level 25 mIU/mL on two occasion 4 weeks apart. Some clinicians and researchers proposed that POI was a progressive disease and there were three stages of POI: occult POI, biochemical POI, overt POI. However, there is lack of reliable indicators to assess the different stages of POI. The present study is to explore the change of menstruation condition, basal follicle-stimulating hormone, anti-mllerian hormone and antral follicle count during the development of POI, and whether those marks can assess the different stages of POI.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03518944

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