Last updated on April 2019

LimPrOn: Limburg Pre-eclampsia Investigation

Brief description of study


Multiple adaptations at the cardiovascular system occurs during pregnancy. In the pregnancy condition pre-eclampsia (PE), this adaptations are abnormal. Five to eight percent of all pregnant women worldwide will develop PE.

PE is a pregnancy condition which is characterized with a high blood pressure (>140/90 mm Hg) and the occurrence of proteinuria (>3g/dl/24h) after 20 weeks of gestation. When untreated, this condition can have severe complications for both mother and child. It's important to monitor women with a high risk for developing PE for an early detection and treatment of this condition.

For this reason, a multicenter study is set up with the following applications:

  1. NICCOMO and Maternal Venous Doppler Echography: impedance cardiograph and an echography of the heart and veins.
  2. Maltron: bio-electronic impedance analyze
  3. Remote monitoring of the high risk patients to become a more intensive follow-up

Number of inclusions: 1000 pregnant women from the prenatal consultations of eight different


Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03509272

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