Last updated on April 2018

Aging Program Project Grant 6

Brief description of study

This study aims to enhance circadian signals to improve cardiometabolic functions in older adults though meal timing interventions and melatonin supplements. Cardiometabolic disease (CMD) is prevalent among older adults, but despite vigorous research to prevent it, it remains on of the greatest public health challenges. Previous research has shown that extended overnight fasting and melatonin supplements may enhance circadian signals which in turn would enhance cardiometabolic function in older adults.

This study will place subjects in one of four intervention groups, 1) Meal timing + Melatonin, 2) Meal timing + Placebo, 3) Melatonin, or 4) Placebo in order test out the effects of meal timing and melatonin both separately and together and cardio metabolic functions. The study will explore the effects of these interventions in acute-based (1-week) setting and extended-based (5 week) settings. This will allow us to test out the hypotheses of the study that meal timing can improve amplitude of circadian signals and improve cardiometabolic functions and sleep quality as well as melatonin improving cardiometabolic function and sleep quality. Finally, we will determine if the the addition of melatonin will further enhance the effects of the meal timing intervention for improving cardiometabolic function and sleep.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03490825

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