Last updated on March 2018

R-BL-M-04 Versus R-(DA)-EPOCH and Autologous Stem Cells Transplantation in Patients With High-Grade B-cell Lymphoma Double-hit (HGBL DH) and High-Grade B-cell Lymphoma Not Otherwise Specified (HGBL NOS)

Brief description of study

Purpose: to evaluate an efficacy of chemotherapy regimens R-DA-EPOCH-21 and R-BL-04 with and without autologous hematopoietic stem cells transplantation (auto-SCT) in newly diagnosed patients with High-Grade B-cell Lymphoma Double-hit and High-Grade B-cell Lymphoma Not Otherwise Specified.

Detailed Study Description

Patients initially are randomized into 4 arms:

the first arm R-DA-EPOCH-21 the second arm R-BL-M-04 the third arm R-DA-EPOCH-21 + auto-SCT the fourth arm of R-BL-M-04 + auto-SCT Patients who achieved complete remission after 6 cycles of R-DA-EPOCH-21 or 4 cycles of R-BL-M-04 immunochemotherapy continue to be under observation (1st and 2nd arms) or continue treatment with Rituximab + BCNU+Etoposid+Ara-C+Melphalan (R-BEAM) followed by auto-SCT (3rd and 4th arms).

Patients who did not achieve complete remission with PET-CT data (4-5 Deauville points) are removed from the protocol and undergoing second-line therapy.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03479918

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