Last updated on March 2018

The Effects of Regular Eye-training With a Mobile Device on Adult Patients With AMD

Brief description of study

Data collection and observation of changes within AMD patients performing visual training on mobile devices

Detailed Study Description

In the presented study a training-therapy in patients with dry AMD war evaluated. The main focus was on remote visibility and thus better handling of daily activities.

Therapy with high-contrast administration is used for amblyopia in childhood. Furthermore, simulation therapy is used in hemianopsia in the adult age, in which case the lesion is usually not located in the eye.

This stimulating therapy for children and adult patients led to the hypothesis that this treatment could also improve AMD's situation. The entire visual procedure also shows the possibility of change even in adult patients.

The presented study investigates if regular training with a device that provides a moving grating-stimulus, the "Medical Eye Trainer" (MET), can improve the subjective perception of visual performance during typical activities of daily living. The aims of the study were not to show improvement of reading vision nor to show changes in the retinal structure.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03461393

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