Last updated on April 2018

A Deep Brain Stimulation System in Epilepsy: Tracking Neural Excitability

Brief description of study

The main purpose of this research project is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a surgically implanted device called the Medtronic Activa PC+S System in patients with medically refractory epilepsy (people who have seizures that are not completely controlled by medical therapy). The system sends small electrical pulses into a part of the brain called the thalamus to help control seizures. It sends this signal in regularly, regardless of if a seizure is occurring. A different version of this device is already approved for the treatment of epilepsy in Australia. This study aims to use the brain's responses to single pulse electrical stimulation to measure the level of seizure susceptibility. The investigators would like to show that this measure can be used to provide more effective deep brain stimulation therapies, to stop seizures.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03465163

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