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Implementation of a Trimodal Prehabilitation Program as a Preoperative Optimization Strategy in Cardiac Surgery

Brief description of study

Pre-habilitation programs that combine physical training, nutritional support and emotional reinforcement have demonstrated efficacy as presurgical optimization strategies in the context of digestive surgery. The experience in patients at risk for cardiac surgery, one of those associated with higher morbidity and mortality, is anecdotal. Main objective: to evaluate the feasibility, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a pre-habilitation program for the improvement of preoperative functional capacity in high-risk and intermediate risk groups for cardiac surgery and its impact on the reduction of postoperative complications (primary endpoint). Secondary objectives: (i) in-hospital stay; (ii) symptoms, quality of life, (iii) evaluation of information and communication technologies (ICT) as a support for the pre-habilitation, and (iv) design and validation of indicators for a future large-scale implementation of this type of intervention.

Design: Subproject: #1: Prospective study of the efficacy of prehabilitation in heart transplant candidates during the study period. The results will be compared with historical records; #2: Randomized controlled trial with a 1:1 ratio to assess the efficacy of prehabilitation in patients undergoing elective coronary revascularization or valve replacement surgery. Subjects: Subproject #1: 40 patients candidates for heart transplantation. Subproject #2: 80 patients in the prehabilitation group and 80 controls in which a conventional treatment will be performed. Intervention: (i) personalized supervised resistance training, and (ii) program to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The overall duration of the intervention is estimated to be at least 4-6 weeks (variable in each subproject). The support with ICTs will be a significant aspect of the program in which the adaptation of the personal health folder of Catalonia (Cat@SalutLaMevaSalut) will be fundamental.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03466606

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