Last updated on December 2019

Status Epilepticus in the Critically Ill Patients

Brief description of study

Convulsive and Non Convulsive Status Epilepticus (SE) and Pseudo Status Epilepticus prospective registry.

Data collection using a standardized form : demographic data and data related to the SE, including circumstances of onset, dates and times of onset and of seizure control, on-scene clinical findings, clinical features of the seizures, pre-hospital and hospital care providers, timing of antiepileptic and supportive treatments, results of etiological investigations, cause of SE, type and dosage of antiepileptic drugs. Dates and times of EEG monitoring, EEG results. Outcomes including vital status and Glasgow Outcome Scale score at ICU and hospital discharge, day-90 and 1-year after SE and determined based on data in the ICU and/or neurologist charts and/or patients phone interview.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03457831

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