Last updated on March 2019

A Pilot Study of [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MRI for the Assessment of PSMA-positive Tumors

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to see if positron emission tomography/ magnetic resonance imaging (PET/MRI) can be used to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment using an investigational radioactive drug called [Ga-68]PSMA.

Detailed Study Description

Primary Objective

The primary objective of this pilot imaging study is to determine the feasibility of using positron emission tomography/ magnetic resonance (PET/MR) with [Ga-68] prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) for staging and treatment monitoring of PSMA expressing tumors. [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR findings will be compared with standard of care imaging, patient follow up, and histopathology if available. [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR will not be used to change the patients' treatment plan. Investigators will assess PET/MR test-retest reproducibility and compare baseline [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR with PET/MR after initiation (within 2-6 weeks) of therapy and evaluate if [Ga-68]PSMA is a suitable biomarker for treatment monitoring and assessment of early treatment response.

Secondary Objectives

  • To compare early changes in PET biomarker ([Ga-68]PSMA) tumor uptake with treatment response assessed at completion of therapy (prediction of treatment response).
  • To compare changes in MRI signal intensities (multi-parametric MRI) with treatment response assessed at completion of therapy.
  • To compare results from multi-parametric MR imaging with [Ga-68]PSMA uptake.
  • To assess combinations of quantitative PET and MRI metrics.

Study Design Patients, who enroll in this study, will undergo a baseline [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR to assess the level of [Ga-68]PSMA tumor uptake. Patients with positive [Ga-68]PSMA tumor uptake (defined as [Ga-68]PSMA uptake twice the background activity) who are receiving systemic therapy will undergo a further [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR 2-6 weeks after start of treatment. Patients with positive [Ga-68]PSMA tumor uptake will also be offered to participate in a test- retest study with a 2nd [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR prior to treatment. Patients will therefore undergo a maximum of three [Ga-68]PSMA PET/MR imaging procedures. The first two test-retest Ga-PSMA-PET/MRI will be performed on separate days to allow for radioactive decay. There will be no other (e.g. clinically indicated) PET scan performed on the same day of [Ga-68]PSMA-PET/MRI.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02978586

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