Last updated on March 2018

Shanghai High Myopia Study for Adults

Brief description of study

High myopia retinopathy has become the first cause of irreversible blindness and severe visual impairment in Chinese adults, in order to avoid the blind and visual impairment caused by high myopia retinopathy, it is very necessary to research the mechanism of early visual impairment to prevent and control damages. Our recent research found that the decreasing of macular retina vascular density and subfoveal choroidal thickness, the increasing of Beta Zone area in optic atrophy and the rising of glycosylated hemoglobin in high myopia patients were significantly related to visual impairment, which suggested that the source of visual impairment was the abnormal structure changes surrounding optic and fovea, but so far there is no related study. We will conduct a 5 years prospective cohort study in the population of 2420 high myopia and controls which have established in college student population, working population and aged more than 50 years old population, using the latest OCT-A and SS-OCT to measure macular retina vascular density, subfoveal choroidal thickness, Beta Zone area in optic atrophy, combined with the semiparametric mixed effects model, we will analysis the prediction index between fundus structure parameters, blood biochemical index and individual characteristics prediction to explore the public health management mode of early prevention and treatment during high myopia population.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03446300

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